Adelante Progressive Caucus
of the Democratic Party of New Mexico

Let’s Get Active!

Dear Adelante Members,

Time is flying. It’s already been a month since the election! But this election wasn’t like the others. Progressives have their eyes on the prize. We are not going to rest until the people’s platform is actualized in policy. 

The Adelante Executive Committee has been hard at work planning and organizing our efforts to be effective and powerful during the upcoming Legislative Session and beyond. We have ratified the objectives that will be our focus for the next couple of years, and we can’t wait to share them with you!

Come to our full membership meeting and meet Adelante officers and fellow members. We’ll be discussing our goals! If you can’t make it to the meeting in person, you’re welcome to participate via the Zoom live stream. The presentation of priorities will take place from 10:30–11:00 am.  At the meeting, we’ll be talking about these efforts:

  • Organizing all of the legislative priorities of all of our allied organizations around the state!
  • Organizing Progressive activists all over the state to be present at the Roundhouse during the upcoming Legislative Session, especially for those bills that matter most to us!
  • Organizing information campaigns to ensure that all voters in NM know exactly how their officials are voting…for or, just as importantly, against.
  • Working to inform and empower our Progressive allies around the state to run for local party offices.
  • Aspiring to build our Progressive Voice and become more effective at getting Progressive candidates elected into office.

These efforts will take every single one of usso bring your ideas and energy. Let’s pass the legislation New Mexico needs to grow a green economy and help poor and working people live full and dignified lives. When we organize…we win!

Adelante Progressive Caucus Full Membership Meeting

Saturday, December 15, 10 am to 12 pm
Equilibrium Wellness Center
3901 Georgia St. NE Suite F, Albuquerque

CLICK HERE for Zoom Streaming info!


Sharla Parsons
Chair- Adelante Progressive Caucus

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