Adelante Progressive Caucus
of the Democratic Party of New Mexico

  • Adelante Endorses Kim Stewart for Sheriff of Dona Ana County
  • Canvass with Adelante for Abbas Akhil – Albuquerque HD 20
  • Canvass for Day Hochman-Vigil – ABQ HD 15 – Endorsed by Adelante
  • Adelante Supports Michelle Lujan Grisham

Adelante Election Results

The election results are in, and we are pleased to announce our first elected officers of the Adelante Progressive Caucus.

Our new Caucus Chair will be Sharla Parsons (pictured). Sharla is currently the Chair of the DPNM SPARC (State Platform and Resolutions Committee) and resides in CD1. Congratulations, Sharla! 

Congratulations also to the following officers, who were elected without opposition:

Vice Chair – Mitch Buszek, from Santa Fe, CD3
Secretary – Sara Hume, from Santa Fe, CD3
Treasurer – vacant – to be appointed
CD1 Chair – Jeremy Sment, from Albuquerque
CD2 Chair – vacant – to be appointed
CD3 Chair – Jay Levine, from Taos, CD3
At Large 1 Vice-Chair – Jerry Morris, from Las Cruces, CD2
At Large 2 Vice-Chair – vacant – to be appointed

These newly elected officers take office October 21, 2018. There will be an Executive Committee meeting (ZOOM Call) on Tuesday, October 30, at 7 PM, to discuss transition, as well as other agenda items. Old and new officers should be on this call. Any Caucus member may sit in on this executive meeting. Please notify Sara at and she will send you the link.

Again, congratulations to our new officers. Thanks to our members who voted in this first online ballot process for New Mexico caucuses. We need all of us working together and moving the Party forward in these critical next two years.

Pia Gallegos, Interim Chair
Cheryl Harris, Nominations and Elections Committee

Adelante Endorses Kim Stewart for Sheriff of Dona Ana County

Statement from Kim Stewart: 
If elected I will implement a full transformation of the Sheriff Department’s organizational structure into community policing. While this philosophy has been widely recognized in US law enforcement since the 1970’s, few agency leaders embrace it as I do. I see that “community policing” fails when it chooses only certain components to implement – like school resource officers – or when it selects only a few officers to participate. The rest of the force usually views these community-involved officers as “not real police,” and the resulting effort is either minimally successful or a complete failure. I see this as a self-fulfilling prophesy for agencies across the country who do not want to decentralize power and devote the bulk of their resources to recruiting and training those who directly serve the public – the line officer or deputy. They want the command strata to be concerned with “more important” matters and not to devote their time and energies to facilitate the needs of those who deliver service to the community. Law enforcement across the country is the subject of deep criticism and distrust. I see no successful way forward for my profession other than to fully partner with our community and serve their needs first! I also fully support the DPNM platform!

Canvass with Adelante 
for Abbas Akhil – Albuquerque HD 20

Members of the Adelante Progressive Caucus Leadership Group are canvassing for Abbas Akhil (HD 20) on Saturday Oct 27 from noon – 3pm and on Sunday Oct 28 from 1-4pm.  We are recruiting as many people as possible to join us canvassing on either/both dates and then join us for beer at Tractor Brew Pub. Please feel free to circulate this note broadly. Reach out to friends and ask them to join you. We need scores of canvassers over the last two weeks to win this critical race. Details below.
This is one of the most important races in the Roundhouse as Akhil–an energy storage scientist– would become the Roundhouse expert and leader on all things energy, renewables and making the just transition from a fossil fuel economy to a more sustainable economy. Polls show the race is a virtual tie, so turnout will decide this. Canvassing is the single best strategy for building turnout. Many Adelante leaders canvassed for Xochitl Torres Small in Roswell on Saturday, October 12, in support of her campaign to flip US House District 2, another tight race. We found the experience truly inspiring as many voters did not know who Xochitl was and when done talking, they were committed to voting not just for Xochitl but for the entire Dem. slate.  If you needed more motivation to get out of your comfort zone and knock on doors, the  findings in the UN IPCC report on climate change should certainly motivate you. The Roundhouse badly needs a clean energy champion and Abbas would fill that role perfectly, an antidote to gas and oil lobbyists.  Canvassing is great.  Most everyone is happy to chat with you and the research shows canvassing makes a difference in turnout.  Let’s do this!  
We will meet at Abbas’ home, 1727 Soplo Rd, SE a few minutes before start time. We are expanding our outreach beyond members of the caucus, reaching out to DSA, PDA, Indivisible, and environmental activists If you can join us, please reply to this email and tell us which day and if you have room in your car. Please also email Doug Small the Field Director at so they can have routes cut for you. Afterwards those who want to, can head over to the Tractor Brewery at 118 Tulane Dr. SE for snacks, beer and conversation.  This is a great opportunity to support a tremendous Democrat and get to know a bunch of like-minded people.  Likely we will organize a similar round of canvassing the 2nd and 3rd of November, the weekend before the election.  If you just can’t do the canvassing, phone banking is the next best way to help. Contact to find out more about phone banking.
For more information about Abbas, his campaign, and other ways to be involved:

Canvass for Day Hochman-Vigil – Albuquerque HD 15
Endorsed by Adelante

The Adelante Progressive Caucus has endorsed Day Hochman-Vigil who is running in Albuquerque, District 15, for a seat in the state House. That seat has been held for years by a Republican who recently announced he would not run again. Now, we have a real chance of adding Democratic representation in the New Mexico Legislature.

Like all of us, Day Hochman was inspired by Bernie Sanders’ courage to speak truth to power on behalf of the 99%, and in wake of the 2016 election, was mobilized with the Progressive wave of Indivisible and Our Revolution.  Looking for an opportunity to create the fastest most impactful change for the State and the Democratic Party in the shortest amount of time, she found a race she could run for, and jumped in. She’s running for us, our platform, our ideas and our issues.  She’s running to carry Progressive legislation that will protect New Mexico and our people. We finally have a chance to show that a Progressive can run on Progressive policy in a competitive swing district and win! There are only three NM House seats protecting us from the reckless Republican agenda.  Let’s volunteer to canvass and call, or donate money to help keep her hard-working paid canvassers going through November 6. Call or email Day’s field team at 505-506-5579 and

Adelante Supports Michelle Lujan Grisham

After representatives of the Lujan Grisham campaign and the Adelante Progressive Caucus of NMDP met to discuss policy positions and areas of common ground, the Adelante Caucus resolved:

That the Adelante Progressive Caucus of the DPNM encourages all of its members to vote for Michelle Lujan Grisham as Governor of the State of New Mexico, and to actively support her campaign by knocking on doors, making phone calls, contributing to her campaign, and encouraging others to do the same. We make this recommendation recognizing that Lujan Grisham does not fully embrace the DPNM Platform but also recognizing that there is an enormous difference between Lujan Grisham and her opponent, Steve Pearce, and that with a Democratic Governor, we will be able to play offense for the first time in eight years in the Roundhouse. With Pearce as Governor, we would be playing defense again for another four years. Below we include some specific Lujan Grisham positions we feel justify passing this resolution. She pledges to:

  • Increase the minimum wage to $10 an hour, then $12 an hour and tie it to inflation.
  • Use a percentage of interest of the $17 billion permanent fund to increase funding for Early Childhood Education.
  • Support the New Mexico Health Security Act. Indeed, we were reminded in our meeting that Lujan Grisham was among the early advocates who created the campaign for the HSA, and while she has reservations about whether HSA, single payer, or Medicare for All can ‘pencil out’ cost wise, she is certainly amenable to finding that out. She will sign the HSA and the next step would be a detailed analysis of just how it would work out financially before implementation would begin, which is a step already built in to the legislation.
  • Support the Medicaid Buy-In bill so that people can buy into Medicaid insurance.
  • Support the Renewable Portfolio Standard which would require NM to achieve 50% renewable energy by 2030 and 80% renewables by 2040.
  • Join the United States Climate Alliance on behalf of New Mexico to uphold the objectives of the 2015 Paris Agreement within our borders.
  • Build transmission lines to export renewable energy to other states.
  • Implement a statewide methane rule and invest in infrastructure to capture methane.
  • Rescind the hated standardized test-driven teacher evaluation process

    It is safe to say that Steve Pearce advocates for none of these positions and would veto any effort to advance legislation related to any of these policies.
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