Tell Us Your Priorities for the 2022 Legislative Session

We’re getting a jump on the 2022 session!

Some of us have been working for months and we know others have been as well on various upcoming bills. One of the best ways to get legislation through is a diverse and coordinated effort. Our Political Director, Athena Christodoulou, has put together a poll to help our organization and focus. Meetings will be on Sundays beginning Dec 5. Join us, Adelante!

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Justice Remains Precarious

Cheryl Harris, Chair

Just when the Rittenhouse jury and judge shake your faith in America,
and human cesspool Darrell Brooks makes your skin crawl,
the Ahmaud Arbery jury in Georgia renews hope
for decency and justice in our country.

Blue Hydrogen Briefing
By Tom Solomon

This Blue Hydrogen Briefing explains the various “colors” of hydrogen — gray, blue and green.

Find out why the fossil fuel interests are promoting it.

Also learn where hydrogen should and should NOT be used in our energy system.

Tom also covers the risks of the NM proposal to convert the Escalante coal plant to hydrogen.


Congressional Concept E Revised

1 Congressional Plan,
1 Legislative Plan
Win Broad Support

New Mexico’s new Citizen Redistricting Committee has finished its work — but found little bipartisan agreement among its members.

It had been hoped that the bipartisan redistricting committee would make maps free of partisan bias, without gerrymandering, and with bipartisan support. But only one of the three congressional plans received votes from both Democratic and Republican committee members, and only one of the state Senate maps received bipartisan support. None of the three maps for the New Mexico House of Representatives received any Republican votes. 


Building a Progressive Movement
Democratic Candidates and New Democratic Voters

Community activists in southern New Mexico’s 2nd Congressional District have been meeting since March, 2021 as BLUE CD2 NM (BLUE). Their primary goal is to replace Representative Yvette Herrell with a Democrat in the Fall 2022 election. Additionally the group is working to build a district wide progressive movement, organizing for Democratic candidates up and down local ballots. 

Already 32,000 non-registered but likely leaning Democratic voters have received a postcard encouraging them to register to vote. BLUE CD2 NM has 125 folks from across the state addressing postcards. Each of these potential voters will be contacted four more times over the next six months with two more postcards and by phone and text banking. That will make a  total of over 92,000 postcards. Research shows with these five contacts 80% of them will go on to register and then to vote. The goal is to create 20,000 new Democratic voters in CD2. 

BLUE will also be teaming with Sisters United Alliance, a Texas advocacy group which focuses on Democratic women here in New Mexico, using their proven winning strategy of contacting these women on Instagram. Additionally, funds will be raised to place billboards around the district with messages complimenting the postcard outreach. 

BLUE CD2 NM is looking for volunteers to address postcards (the copy on each postcard is already printed!) and phone/text banking. They are especially looking for Spanish speakers for phone and text banking.  

BLUE CD2 NM is a district-wide Indivisible chapter.

Contact, volunteer, donate: BLUECD2NM.COM or Facebook.

Adelante All-Member Meeting
Thursday, December 2
6:30 PM

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Legislative Action Teams
Sunday, December 5
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Adelante Business Meeting
Monday, December 27
6:30 PM
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