Maurren Skowran, Chair, and Patricia French, Vice-Chair

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  • Democracy Grief Is Real

    13 Dec. 2019 Democracy Grief Is Real Seeing what Trump is doing to America, many find it hard to fight off despair By Michelle Goldberg, 
Opinion Columnist The despair felt by climate scientists and environmentalists watching helplessly as something precious and irreplaceable is destroyed is sometimes described as “climate grief.” Those who pay close attention to the ecological calamity that civilization is inflicting upon...
  • What’s at Stake

    --by Jerilyn Bowen             In a recent interview entitled "Democratic Party Centrism Risks Handing Election to Trump," as preface to his remarks Noam Chomsky had this to say:  I find it psychologically impossible to discuss the 2020 election without emphasizing, as strongly as possible, what is at stake: survival, nothing less. Four more years of Trump may spell the end of...
  • Mind Games in the US Corral

    --by Jerilyn Bowen             In his bafflement over the role of language in human knowing, twentieth century analytic philosopher Wittgenstein finally concluded that language is a game in which the rules evolve over time through usage practices.  As we watch the impeachment proceedings in the U.S. House of Representatives with bated breath, we are witness to a battle between those who...
  • Pia Gallegos for DNC Committee Woman

    SCC Vote on March 7, 2020  Adelante Progressive Caucus co-founder and former Chair and Pia Gallegos announced her candidacy for the Democratic Party of New Mexico Committeewoman. The DPNM has four representatives to the Democratic National Committee (DNC): the Chair (Marg Elliston), the Vice-Chair (Marcus Porter), and a Committeeman and Committeewoman. The State Central Committee (about 470 members) will elect the...
  • Commemoration of a Campaign & Tribute to a True Leader

    When Maggie Toulouse Oliver suddenly announced her withdrawal from the New Mexico Democratic Senate nomination race on October 29th, her devoted progressive supporters were stunned and stricken.  Say it ain't so, we silently pleaded.  We'd had such hopes of her carrying the day despite what she was up against:  a corporate Democrat with the full backing of the national party...

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Early leaders of the Adelante Progressive Caucus at the first membership meeting on Oct. 12, 2018, in Roswell. Seated, from left, are Cheryl Harris, Mitch Buszek, Julia Berman, Sharla Parsons, Pia Gallegos, Maurreen Skowran, and Jay Levine. Standing, from left, are Martin Rodriguez, Rusty Pearce, Kathy Wooten, Jeremy Sment, Sara Hume, Paul Gibson, Jerry Morris, and Roxanne Barber

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