Congregate and Celebrate!
Thursday November 5
6:00 PM

Join our November Members Meeting at our new time of 6:00 PM – 7:30 PM.
This month’s Zoom link:

We will know the results of the Nov 3 general election
and what that means for our progressive agenda.

We’re also inviting some progressive legislative winners to join us,
and we expect an open discussion of the election.

Maurreen Skowran will talk about Count Every Vote New Mexico,
a coalition of organizations across the state,
working with national groups to ensure our election process is protected.

Adelante 2020 Election Results
Officers Elected and Bylaws Revised

New Officers Elected

Chair – Cheryl Harris

Since becoming a Democrat in college, Cheryl has held many positions in the party, and in 2018, she was instrumental in forming the Adelante Progressive Caucus. She is passionate that all people are treated with dignity and respect, and have a fair chance at “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”

At-large Officer – Colton Dean

Colton describes how in 2007 he discovered progressive issues were in line with his morals and values. Now, his plans include promoting education so people know how accessible city, county, and state government is and how we should be open to trying new ideas to form the more perfect Union the Founders intended.

Revised Bylaws Approved

The bylaws revision passed.
Among other things, this means the caucus is adding to the Executive Committee the positions of
Political Director and Administrative Director.
View Revised Bylaws

Officer Positions Available

There are currently several Executive Committee positions available:
• Secretary • Treasurer • Political Officer • Administrative Officer  

If you would like to join our leadership team, please contact Cheryl Harris:

Early leaders of the Adelante Progressive Caucus at the first membership meeting, October 12, 2018, in Roswell.

Adelante Leadership Group Photo
Seated, from left, are Cheryl Harris, Mitch Buszek, Julia Berman, Sharla Parsons, Pia Gallegos, Maurreen Skowran, and Jay Levine. Standing, from left, are Martin Rodriguez, Rusty Pearce, Kathy Wooten, Jeremy Sment, Sara Hume, Paul Gibson, Jerry Morris, and Roxanne Barber