Planning for Success
New Mexico Legislature 2021

Members Meeting – Action Plan!
Thursday, December 3
6:00 p.m.

Guest Speaker
 New Mexico State Senator
Jerry Ortiz y Pino
“The Progressive Lion of the New Mexico State Legislature”

Jerry will discuss legislative priorities and plans for the 2021 legislative session. He will also tell us how we can help him and the other senators. We in turn will go over our priorities with him and see where we meet.

This will be an educational, interactive, and aspirational hour where we can look forward with excitement to a better New Mexico!

Cheryl Harris & Athena Christodoulou

  1. Will explain our action coalition being created by many progressive groups in the state
  2. Review our list of transformational and priority goals (which we will update as the session moves along)
  3. Discuss creating our action teams to work with individual senators in each of your home districts
  4. Solicit leadership, sign up, and support for these teams.