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Co-sponsors needed for Semi Open Primary Resolution

There is a Semi-Open Primary resolution being heard at the State Platform and Resolutions Committee (SPARC) this Tuesday evening. Our goal is to bring many of the young non-partisan and disenfranchised voters back into our Democratic Party and give them representation. We are hoping for 50 State Central Committee co-sponsors…

Adelante, The Story

by Jerilyn Bowen, 9/25/19 What’s the Story?            Decisions, decisions, decisions.  On what grounds do we make them, individually and collectively? That’s a big question these days.  Many considerations inevitably come into play, but basically most decisions are determined by a dialectic between fear of X and faith in Y. …

Future Warming Predictions May Be Nearly Doubled. What Shall We Do?

– Pia Gallegos The United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) will be issuing a new report that nearly doubles future warming predictions. Investigative journalist Dahr Jamail, author of The End of Ice, explains: Based on observational data, we are easily within a decade of losing the summer sea…

To Be or Not To Be, Impeachable He Runs Free

– Jerilyn Bowen The question of impeaching President Trump now hangs before the nation on every newscast.  This is unsettling. More disconcerting, however, is the seeming inability of the Democratic  Congressional leadership to take an unequivocal, principled stand on Mueller’s documentation of multiple attempts to obstruct justice by the man…

Deadline for Public Financing Contributions

Progressive Allies, The deadline to get qualifying contributions is May 31!  We talk the talk for getting money out of politics, it’s time to walk the walk! Please try to find time this weekend and next week to knock doors for our Progressive candidates who need qualifying donations to run…

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Early leaders of the Adelante Progressive Caucus at the first membership meeting on Oct. 12, 2018, in Roswell. Seated, from left, are Cheryl Harris, Mitch Buszek, Julia Berman, Sharla Parsons, Pia Gallegos, Maurreen Skowran, and Jay Levine. Standing, from left, are Martin Rodriguez, Rusty Pearce, Kathy Wooten, Jeremy Sment, Sara Hume, Paul Gibson, Jerry Morris, and Roxanne Barber
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