Hello, Adelante members.

We have two pieces of good news.

New Committee Forming

How often have you voted for a Democrat but wished you could vote for a better candidate? Someone more progressive? Have you noticed that the Republicans build a bench and pipeline of candidates?

Dimi DiSanti will help us toward solving this problem. He will lead a committee that will recruit and evaluate candidates, starting with next year’s election for Albuquerque City Council.

If you are interested in working on this, please tell Maurreen Skowran, at adelantecd1@gmail.com.

If you aren’t in Albuquerque but would like to be involved with your local races, please let me know about that, too.

Refugee Families Have Received Plenty of Items

Enough donations have been received for the immigrant families coming through Albuquerque.

Monetary donations are still welcome. They can be made at www.lfsrm.org/donate-family-reunification/. To make sure those donations are sent here, please write “Albuquerque” in the comments.

Here is more information, via a mailing list I am on.

I am not sharing this in any “official” capacity so just what I know as a volunteer.

We had an enormous response to the call out for donations for the 300 parents and children being reunited in Albuquerque. Within 24 hours, the fire station hosting the donations had been filled beyond capacity. People arrived almost by the minute to drop off donations. Folks from Santa Fe and Taos sent donations in carpools. We have filled enough backpacks with food, water, toiletries, toys, clothing and shoes for all 300 people.

No more material donations are needed! (So please don’t go to the fire station—the workers there have been awesome about letting us take over their space to sort and pack donations the past 2 days).

Although the Trump administration created the crisis, they are not funding Lutheran Family Services, the agency that resettles refugees, for this work to reunite the 300 migrant parents and children this week in Abq. Donations to them provide families with immediate needs including gift cards for their continuing journey. www.lfsrm.org/donate-family-reunification/

Also to answer a common questions:

–the people who have been released from detention centers and coming to Abq are on ankle bracelets and are being allowed to stay with family and friends around the country while they await their legal hearings.

–their location is not public info and media are not invited to see them (although ALL of the media showed up today at the fire station because they saw it on FB).

–if you want to contact “someone in charge” please don’t go to Lutheran Family Services but you can try the Office of Immigrant & Refugee Affairs in the City of Abq, which did a lot of the coordination for the material donations at the fire station (along with tons of volunteers).

THANK YOU everyone who showed up quickly with donations! Every bag I packed I thought of the father or child who would be carrying it with them on the next part of this difficult journey. Most are arriving with nothing but the clothes on their back but because of the generosity of people in NM, they have something more.



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