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  1. Cristy Holden

    I see no reason to elect an elite white woman from Santa Fe to represent this state. Let us elect a native New Mexican with deep roots and understanding of the values of New Mexico.
    Its easy to pretend to be progressive, but she has no track record in New Mexico. There are several other better candidates from which to choose.

  2. Joann Vullo

    I agree c Cheryl. She knows DC politics and will represent NM with progressive views. She will bring much knowledge vti Congress on how to rebuild our national security post Trump.

  3. Cheryl Harris

    Valerie holds to a strong progressive agenda and I can’t fault any of her positions, which I agree with. I don’t see any really strong solutions that are unique, however, and her overall political experience is more limited than some candidates.
    She is, however, quite the hard-charging CIA agent, and I imagine she could bring some pretty strong drama to the house floor! She certainly deserves some reward and payback for her treatment by the Bush people!

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