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  1. Marjorie M Luckey

    “Medicare for All” is a specific program to attain universal health care, but not the only one nor possibly the best one. As a healthcare provider and advocate for preventative services, I know a lot about the systemic limitations built into Medicare which should not be replicated in a universal health care system for the country. A “public option” added to the ACA is the most critical, practical and most immediately doable action that could be taken to take huge profits out of the cost of healthcare, greatly lower insurance premiums and expand to universal coverage while Congress explores the best options for a publicly funded healthcare system. Healthcare as a basic human right?- YES. Universal coverage?- YES . Should it be “Medicare for All”? Not before fixing its limitations, IMHO.

  2. Jerilyn Bowen

    Teresa sounds like a trueblue progressive with a long term commitment to economic & social justice. AOC’s endorsement says a lot. We need more like her in Congress. Among all these well qualified Third District candidates, Teresa is the one who stands out. I’m with her.

  3. Pia Gallegos

    I’m not understanding why Teresa says “affordable” health care and “access” for all. These are buzz words for expanding the Affordable Care Act, not Medicare for all and health care as a human right. The time for insurance-based health care is past. We need national health care where everyone in this country is covered.

    1. Robert Weger

      Thanks for pointing that out. I thought she was supporting medicare for all, but she needs to make that explicitly clear. When politicians waffle on Medicare for All, people are less likely to take the very real time and effort expense needed to research and come out to vote for you. Make it so that people don’t have to wonder if it’s worth it.

  4. Cristy Holden

    Teresa is the real deal. From the first conversation with her, she showed deep understanding of the issues of concern to New Mexicans. She is very intelligent and grasps concepts and solutions quickly. She is from this area, and works in this district of CD3. I am impressed by the many endorsements she has earned. Lets send this dynamic bright woman to Congress and show the a nation we are a state of individuals who value environment, and the rights of people. Teresa is a true progressive in a field of wanna-be career seeking political new bees (exception John Blair). Teresa is about Service to the people, not a power seeker.

  5. Cheryl Harris

    I was struck by Teresa’s command, not only of the problems we face, but of her having actual solutions to these problems, and previous experience at analyzing and working on them. She has worked at every level from local community solutions to national solutions, and seems to understand what needs to be worked on at what level, and how the various parts of government work effectively together. This was especially seen in her answers to question 1 on the economy.
    She also understands the needs of agriculture as part of the climate and economy solutions.

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