Report from Adelante Progressive Caucus Interim Chair
April 21 to October 21, 2018

Since before we’ve been an approved Caucus, we have held teleconference meetings by Zoom with participants and officers from all over the state, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly, depending on our need.

We notified all members of our meetings, pursuant to the notification requirements of our Bylaws.

At every meeting since our approval, we’ve had our Secretary take minutes, and our minutes are posted on our web site.

We had two day-long retreats to formulate our values and our goals.

We created Bylaws for submission to the DPNM and to guide us.

We helped create a new statewide DPNM rule for the formation of caucuses, with caucus reporting requirements.

After our lobbying efforts and the approval of our Bylaws by the Rules Committee and the Party Secretary, we were approved as a Caucus by unanimous acclimation by the DPNM State Central Committee in March, 2018, and we threw a big party in Truth or Consequences.

We have about 300 members statewide.

We published several documents:

We formed a New Mexico Political Action Committee under state law, and we have timely made all our filings to the Secretary of State.

We designed and created a website and a Face Book page. We keep both current.

On the website, we posted, among other things:

We formed several committees:

  • Finance Committee to make sure we operate within state law and sound fiscal policy
  • Legislative Committee to activate volunteers to advocate for the passage of bills at key steps in the process in the NM Legislature
  • Budget Committee
  • Fundraising Committee
  • Communications Committee
  • Representation in the Party Committee

We created, debated and approved several policies. We have:

We lobbied New Mexico DNC Delegates to vote for the limitation of voting privileges of superdelegates, and we got each of our four delegates to vote in favor of superdelegate reform.

We were actually represented at the last DNC Convention in Chicago, through informational picket signs and banners, in favor of democratizing the Democratic Party.

We have created and distributed by email about 13 Newsletters to all Adelante members.

We organized an electronic election for all members, including an electronic self-nominating form and an electronic ballot, both distributed to all members.

We held our first full membership meeting on October12, 2014, in Roswell. The next morning, we canvassed for Democratic candidates in Roswell.

Pia Gallegos
Interim Chair