Protect the Albuquerque Basin at the state level

The efforts to protect the Albuquerque Basin and the water of roughly 750,000 New Mexicans have expanded to the state level. Considering that the Alb. Basin includes roughly 20 local governments it is unlikely that we could ever get every entity to agree on quality protective ordinances. And our water would be only as safe as the weakest link is strong. While many of us are still working on local ordinances we are also moving to protect this geologically unique basin on the state level. By implementing a Special Rule as allowed under the New Mexico Administrative Code we could actually protect the entire basin.

If you haven’t seen it, I recommend that you watch the documentary film Sacred Land Sacred Water at . It clearly documents the science and the political realities of Alb. Basin water protections efforts today. Water protection is an absolute necessity.

Briefly stated our efforts include urging Alb. Basin local governments to write and pass resolutions directed to the Governor in support for a strong Special Rule process to be initiated. This has already been done in the Galisteo Basin in 2008, where fewer people live and the basin is not critically faulted and fractured. This effort is well under way in the Alb. Basin now. If you want more information or want to help contact Mike Neas

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