Move the Party to the Progressive Left

  • I want the Party to represent the 46.5% or more of the party that wants more and true progressive values and policies, reflected in our platform and bylaws and actions.
  • Become bold progressives.
  • Remember FDR and his Labor Secretary Francis Perkins who met the needs of the people, not the moneyed class.
  • Move to the left, re-energize the policies of FDR
  • To be a disciplined, organized, strategic and effective entity with an obvious, strong and well-regarded presence in local, state, and ultimately national governing. That presence would be manifested in the laws and policies the party backs, both directly and by virtue of the lawmakers the party encourages to run for public office and supports. The laws and policies the party backs and supports would be those that fit broadly under the descriptive “progressive.” I would like to see the party develop an overarching plan to achieve those goals.
  • I believe a caucus can push the party in policy directions it may be reluctant to go in, from either stale practice or a need to please all varied constituencies in the party. I am not interested in laying the groundwork for a break-away third-party effort, however. I do think that an effective and smart caucus that keeps a close working relationship with the main party can change the party outlook and behavior from within.
  • To bring the progressive values of leaders like Bernie Sanders, Nina Turner and Keith Ellison and groups like PDA into the NM party.
  • Do what the Progressive Majority in the party want
  • Do what the 70% want
  • Promote policies that speak to the values of our core constituency – the 99%

Create more involvement through electronic technology

  • Strengthen involvement though technology
  • More use of technology to have debates, panels, re: issues, ability to plan, etc., less time driving, more time talking
  • Use Democratic funds to hire some young people to set this up and train people so they are not afraid of it
  • Enlist people who are savvy with social media, and with marketing.

Establish a clear, progressive message

  • Frame a clear, progressive, compelling working people centered message
  • Create vision of a vibrant caring, forward-leaning community of Democratic leaders that are empowered to act.
  • Clearly pronounce our commitment to a strong FDR-style program with detail that tells you what that means
  • Create a clean progressive platform for the party
  • Strong, progressive platform
  • Develop a platform that reflects our values – I think Sharla is doing a terrific job at this
  • Support a progressive platform
  • Bring in young people by developing a strong platform
  • We need to emphasize messaging. We need a solid message.
  • Promulgate a message that speaks to the values of the 99%
  • Build a GOTV framework based on issues that are believable to the 99%, especially millennials and other nominal Dems who don’t vote. We have to do better than “A better Deal.”

Take money out of the electoral process

  • Money out of Politics – We’re the poorest state at the bottom of education, health care, and social services. Candidates are banking millions in contributions and the wealthiest are getting wealthier. Until this is fixed we don’t have a Democracy, we have a ruling class.
  • Reform campaign finance to get corporate dollars out of politics and limit personal contributions from wealthy persons to the same level as everyone else, i.e. a personal contribution cap
  • Push publicly funded campaigns
  • Help fund candidates so they don’t take millions from insurance companies
  • Work to reverse Citizens United
  • Election reform

Legislative Representatives

  • Take Pearce’s seat in the South
  • Gain a Democratic majority in both the House and the Senate
  • With a Democratic majority in both Chambers, we should be passing single payer, payday loans at 36%, and a $15 minimum wage, etc.
  • Elect progressive Democrats


  • We have to address climate change now. New Mexico has to construct the transmission line to California. We need to use our Land Trust Funds to reinvest in New Mexico. That means building a wind turbine factory and constructing wind turbines to produce clean renewable energy for New Mexico and California. That means good paying, clean jobs in New Mexico.
  • Address climate change, keep fossil fuels in the ground. The least expensive options for increasing power generation capacity and are now solar and wind, so we need to stop coal, oil, gas, and nuclear expansion and switch to solar and wind.
  • Make a priority of preventing and mitigating climate change. This would include a timetable for all utilities in the state to move to 90 % renewable energy.
  • Clean Air/ No Fracking legislation and promote solar and wind energy
  • Protect the environment
  • Limit fossil fuels (2)
  • Oppose fossil fuel development
  • Advocate for and pass strong climate legislation
  • 100% Renewables
  • Renewable energy
  • Get more facts (numbers) for green energy solutions
  • Enforce more effective protective environmental policies
  • Protect our air and water


  • Support Single Payer /Medicare for all, policy and candidates
  • Single Payer healthcare (2)
  • Univeral healthcare
  • Health Safety
  • Support the path of healthcare for all (2)
  • Work toward the passage of the NM Health Security Act


  • Make use of the Rainy Day Fund for Early Childhood Education
  • Focus on education (3)
  • Improve public education (2)
  • Pre-K education
  • Free college tuition
  • School Reform and Bilingual Education
  • De-privatize public education

Criminal Justice

  • Reform of the justice department at national, state, and local levels to stop the mass incarcerations of non-whites peoples, that supports the military-industrial-prison-military-complex, and to hold persons in office accountable (i.e. Jeff Sessions who committed felony perjury twice while testifying to congress about meetings he had with Russian Government personnel).

Party Unity

  • Become more inclusive when looking at issues critically
  • Be united and inclusive
  • Develop a deep expertise on issues that we are able to effectively negotiate, facilitate and mediate, not just advocate for one viewpoint.
  • If we are to be the party of the people, we must have all the voices at the table and our values, principles, goals and ACTIONS must reflect the intersectionality that is needed to move forward to a healthy, just, sustainable life for all New Mexicans.
  • Bring together current party leaders and “progressive” advocates – working together v. continuing the decisiveness
  • Make room for progressives and more
  • Advance traditional Democratic values
  • Use more Empathetic Messages
  • Represent the people of New Mexico
  • Unity is good but it won’t happen if we don’t address Bernie’s concerns. The status quo has gotten us where we are – the radical right wing runs this country because the status quo Democratic Party stands for nothing except fundraising. No more incrementalism or pragmatism or the Democratic Party is obsolete.
  • DPNM will become a vehicle for creating a truly representative, inclusive and responsive government for us all.

Women’s Reproductive Rights

  • Support women’s reproductive rights
  • Womens Equality
  • Getting politics out of women’s health issues

Ward work/ Grassroots Movement

  • Create a Public Service Committee to help New Mexicans understand about power of serving on wards, caucuses
  • Ward chairs
  • Create ways for party members to have a deeper and better-informed participation in both party governance and internal discourse
  • Walk the Vote
  • Community organizing
  • Help to activate the Democrats to become more involved and active in voting, more accurately represent all residents of New Mexico in a fair and powerful way.
  • Lead in building a thriving state by creating a grassroots movement to build a sustainable economy at the local level throughout NM.
  • A plan that acknowledges the fact that most grassroots work will be done on a volunteer basis, that actual support in terms of training and money resources must be made available to the volunteers, that acknowledges realities differ across the state, and to develop approaches that are not one size fits all.

Recruit, support, and hold accountable progressive candidates

  • Once we have a strong progressive platform, we can judge candidates based on their support, or non-support, of the issues that are important to us.
  • The party should be inviting and attracting more people into the party by standing for something with more working people involved in our party we can nominate more progressive candidates.
  • Recruit progressive candidates for all elected positions and support those candidates
  • Convince Democratic candidates to support a progressive agenda
  • Back candidates who prioritize basic human needs
  • Progressive representation for the interests of the people, not the interests of lobbyists (2)
  • Help progressive Dems become candidates – not sure how the Party can do this effectively in view of its obligation not to favor any candidate. I guess just be fair – don’t do what the DNC did for Hillary.
  • Develop leaders who can be elected and who serve the public using Democratic Party values to promote equity, equality and opportunity in NM.

Other Electoral Reform

  • Open primaries and/or same day registration
  • Change to open or semi open primaries
  • Allow “Non Party Preference” to vote in primaries
  • Discuss and evaluate the Super Delegate system in favor of either
    a. Elimination of the Super Delegates 3
    b. Regulate proportional voting by the Super Delegates
  • Push ranked preference voting
  • Reach more Democrats who do not vote
  • Educate and engage voters
  • Grass Roots Activism – Voter Registration
  • Follow Oregon’s lead and automatically register 18 year olds to vote
  • Voter rights and promote voter engagement in elections.
  • Take money out of the legislative process
  • No more pay to play (2)
  • “Ethical” Contributions and gifts policy (like a “Socially Responsible” Mutual fund policy) 2
  • Fight the influence of “Big Money” on our democracy
  • People first, money out of politics

Economic issues

  • Pass progressive legislation that benefits the health, safety and prosperity for people of the non-billionaire status. Democrats are always there when it’s about political correctness but they never fight when there’s actually money at stake; they won’t raise taxes, they won’t limit fossil fuels, or limit guns. They abandon us whenever corporate issues oppose public need.
  • On the state level, I would like the Party to provide equal education, healthcare for all, and guarantee of nutrition.
    Tax dividends for some humane purpose
  • $15 minimum wage (3)
  • Build jobs from within New Mexico
  • Strengthen the economy by emphasizing renewable energy jobs
  • Fund Poverty relief programs
  • Concentrate on the 99%
  • Represent the people of New Mexico – not the “Corporate Elite”
  • Economic Justice
  • Fight childhood hunger
  • Serve working class people
  • Payday Loan Limits at 36%


  • Address the US Military build-up and eternal warring on other countries, either explicitly or by financial pressures.
  • On a federal level, I would like the Party to address race inequality and unrestrained militarism.
  • End the war

Immigrant Rights

  • Focus on support for vulnerable families, specifically immigrants
  • Sanctuary State
  • Support Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals and Immigrant Rights


  • More effective gun regulations
  • LGBTQ rights
  • Indigenous rights
  • Revolution
  • Protect National Parks and Monuments
  • Address race inequality