adjective 1. Favoring or advocating progress, change, improvement, or reform, as opposed to wishing to maintain things as they are, especially in political matters
2. Making progress toward better conditions; employing or advocating more enlightened or liberal ideas, new or experimental methods, etc. (


NEW MEXICO has had a progressive streak since its founding.

  • In 1911, New Mexico voters approved its Constitution. Article II is the Bill of Rights. Article IV prohibits state money from being spent on private education. Article XII requires schools that are uniform and sufficient.
  • Protection of speakers of Spanish was enshrined in the Constitution and continues to the present, in various ways.
  • In the late 1960s, the state moved toward evening out gaps between richer and poorer school districts. The State Equalization Guarantee shifted most education funding from local districts to the state level.
  • In 1985, New Mexico became one of the first eight states to protect sexual orientation from discrimination in state employment, through an executive order.


To prioritize basic human needs, and

Take big money and corporate influence out of our elections and the legislative process


  • Re-focus the party on issues that matter to the citizens of our state and country. Democrats need to represent We the People, not the corporations. We will re-energize and empower our grass-roots activists.
  • Create a vehicle for coordinating throughout the state, so that we can leverage our common work and values within the state party.
  • Bring disaffected Democrats back into the party to help win elections and change directions. These folks in other progressive organizations have not felt comfortable within the corporate-styled Democratic Party. We need to provide a welcoming and supportive place for them, their ideas, and their energy.
  • Support candidates who care about people over money, fight for human rights, and are accountable to state platform. The caucus can help identify and influence candidate behavior, with the power of a voting bloc.
  • Bring young people – our future – into the party as activists. Young people have a more progressive and liberal point of view. They care deeply about racial and sexual equality, the environment, and other issues important to progressives. Their ideas and involvement will move the party forward.
  • Help other caucuses form and be successful. Caucuses provide a forum for varied voices, and alternative actions and ideas. The more caucuses, the more opportunities for meaningful involvement in the party.

Join us in a new wave of reform.

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