Buenas Tardes! Me llamo Pia Gallegos, y soy orgullosa de ser de Nuevo Mexico.
I’m Pia Gallegos, and I’m proud to be from New Mexico. I’m also proud to belong to the Democratic Party because the Democratic Party best represents the values of family and land that are the ancient values of our state.

One of the bedrock values of the Democratic Party is democracy. This value is enshrined in the Charter and Bylaws of the Democratic Party of the United States. If you’ve never read it, I encourage you to do so. It is a beautiful, foundational document for our party. Right at the beginning of the document, it says, A “political party which asks for the people’s trust must prove that it trusts the people….”

I really believe in this Democratic Party principle of trusting the people. This is why 2 years ago, I was proud of the Democratic Party for reforming the superdelegate rules. As you know, superdelegates, unlike pledged delegates, are not required to adhere to the will of the voters in their state in the presidential primaries.

The DNC ruled that superdelegates can no longer vote in the first ballot. So now, superdelegates can no longer declare their allegiance to a certain candidate which was making the grassroots Democrats feel like the primary election was a foregone conclusion!

I was part of this. I worked on DNC superdelegate reform with people from all over the state and country. I wrote about it, I published on it, and I advocated for it at a DNC Unity Reform Commission meeting. I will keep doing the work of superdelegate reform so that the DNC will continue to respect the will of the voters.

I’ve advocated on other DNC issues, too. For example, the DNC had the opportunity to devote a presidential debate to climate change – the existential issue of our time. Here in NM, we understand the intense consequences that climate change is having to our lands and our precious water. I campaigned for and wrote in support of such a debate but the measure did not pass. I believe, that whenever the DNC has the opportunity to draw the attention of the American public to the issue of climate change, it should do so.

Another issue I hope to address at the DNC is the order of the primaries. Right now, Iowa and New Hampshire vote first in the primaries. The presidential candidates campaign for months to 2, mostly-white states. New Mexico is a minority-majority state but presidential candidates do not address themselves to our issues until late in the game. We need to address the sequence of the primaries to better represent the diversity of our nation.

I’m a civil rights lawyer. For 36 years, I have represented people from all over the state in discrimination cases. I stand for civil rights. That’s who I have always advocated for, and that’s who I am. And I work inside the Democratic Party at all levels – Precinct, Ward, County, State Rules, State fundraising, legislation advocacy, and at the national level.

I will keep you informed about the issues emerging from the DNC, discuss the issues, and seek your input.

We need people to champion and protect our democracy, protect our civil rights, and protect our environment. I am that candidate to do that. If you entrust me with your vote, I will work diligently to represent ALL of NM at the DNC.”

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