Open Letter to NM DNC Delegates
Regarding the New DNC Poverty Council

To: Marg Elliston, Chair DPNM
    Robert Lara, Treasurer DPNM
    Joni Gutierrez, DPNM DNC Delegate
    Ray Sanchez, DPNM DNC Delegate

New Mexico DNC Delegates:

As you may know, DNC members Susie Shannon and others have formed a Poverty Council but the first meeting for the Council did not make it to the official DNC agenda due to resistance within the DNC. ( Progressive Democrats of NM, including SCC members, request that you attend and report back to us. There will be many speakers at the Poverty Council, including Barbara Lee and Maxine Waters (pending schedules). RSVP below.

Flora Lucero, Chair of Westside Dems and currently a candidate for Chair of Bernalillo County Democratic Party, speaks to the necessity of a Poverty Council within the DNC:

Poverty is intertwined with every negative social issue in New Mexico. Big issues require big deliberate effort to address them. Would you please join me in asking our Democratic National Committee members to champion the Poverty Council initiative at the DNC? As one of the poorest states in our Union with one of the bluest voting bases in the southwest region, a Democratic Party Poverty Council presents an opportunity for national policies to impact our local landscape and bring meaningful lasting change that moves New Mexicans from crime-laden, sickly, addicted, and poorly educated to a healthier state of being.

Susie Shannon herself invites you to the inaugural meeting of the Poverty Council. Her message follows:

Please join federal, state and local elected officials, national stakeholders and those living in poverty for our first organizing event addressing the needs of those living in underserved communities. 

Note: We are not on the official DNC agenda.  Please print out this email and bring it with you, or set your calendar.

We have a fantastic line up of speakers!   If you care about the plight of the 40.6 million people living at or below the poverty level, please attend this important event. 

Where:  Marriott Marquis Hotel – Washington D.C.; ; Union Station Room – level M3

When: Friday February 15, 2019; 5: 30 pm – 7:30 pm

Who:  Congressional Representatives, State and Local Leaders, Natl. Stakeholders, Those Impacted by Poverty and Surprise Guests.  (*More speakers being added)

Hon. Barbara Lee (Pending Schedule)
Hon. Maxine Waters (Pending Schedule)
Rohini Kosoglu – Chief of Staff, Sen. Kamala Harris
Sen. Nina Turner, Former Ohio State Senator and President of Our Revolution
Treney Tweedy – Mayor, Lynchburg, VA
Larry Cohen – DNC Member, former President of CWA and Our Revolution Board Member
Megan Hustings – Director,  National Coalition for the Homeless
Dr. Meena Demessie – Congressional Black Caucus Foundation
Barbara DiPietro – Senior Director of Policy, Natl. Healthcare for the Homeless Council
Cassidy Waskowicz – Development Director, National Law Center on Homelessness and Poverty
Phyllis Davis – Healthcare Advocate and Patient at Unity Health Care
Andrea Miller – Center for Common Ground (voter strategies)
Finney Matthew – Lighthouse Homeless Services
Frank LaMere – DNC Native American Caucus
James Fukuda – Affordable Housing Developer- New York City
Joel Segal – Anti-poverty Coalition

RSVP:  To RSVP, just press reply and provide your NAME and STATE.    or email  (If you have already RSVP’d – we will see you Friday)

What:  The Poverty Council was created to raise awareness and to build political power for the 40.6 million people living at or below the poverty level.  It was conceived with the understanding that we, as Democrats, define ourselves by addressing the needs of those who live in underserved communities and that people in poverty shouldn’t have to wait to get help.

Note: At the August 2018 Chicago DNC Meeting, we made history by a unanimous vote to create, for the first time, a Council on Poverty within the DNC.  After that historic vote, I alerted stakeholders and elected officials and we were all very excited about planning for the inaugural event.  Unfortunately, we were unable to convince the DNC to place our Council on the official agenda, but we have raised the funds to hold the event concurrently with our upcoming  DNC meeting in D.C. so that our DNC members can gain a better understanding and participate in the discussion on how to spotlight these issues leading into 2020 .  Chairman Tom Perez, has been invited to speak at the event.  

Thank you,
Pia Gallegos
SCC Member
Chair, Ward 17A
Communications Chair, Adelante Progressive Caucus, DPNM

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