[These minutes were approved by the executive committee on 27 December 2021.]

Adelante Progress Caucus
Executive Committee

Minutes of regular meeting
15 December 2021

The executive committee of the Adelante Progressive Caucus held a special meeting on Zoom on Wednesday 15 December 2021.



  • Athena Christodoulou (Political Director)
  • Cheryl Harris (Chair)
  • Jay Levine (caucus member)
  • Samuel Nevarez (Congressional District 1 Chair)
  • Karlyne Nordholm (webmaster)
  • Nicole Olonovich (Administrative Director)
  • Michael Sperberg-McQueen (Secretary)

EC members absent:

  • Dimid Hayes (Treasurer)
  • Colton Dean (At-Large Officer)
  • Patricia French (Vice-Chair)


We convened at 2:04, without a quorum.

We discussed the current state of redistricting legislation and whether there was anything we as a caucus can usefully do, either during the special session or after.

A wide array of BIPOC groups is supporting SB 1 (the Congressional map now before the governor) and SB 2 as introduced (the map of Senate districts introduced by Sen. Lopez and Sen. Ivey-Soto, which reflects a consensus among the Navajo Nation, the pueblos, and the Jicarilla Apache Nation). Some of those present urged that any criticism of either bill be restricted to criticism of the process and not include direct criticism of the maps.

We left it that individuals should speak up at committee hearings, if so moved, to express their personal views. No formal action was taken.

When we saw that the Senate floor session had started (about 2:35), we adjourned to watch it individually. [Secretary's note: the floor session was devoted to debate over whether to remove the medical malpractice bill HB 11 from the Judiciary Committee, and then to a brief floor debate on the map for the Public Education Commission in HB 9 (as twice substituted), after which it passed on what looked like a party-line vote, with Sen. Moores and Sen. Baca explaining that they opposed the map because it has only three majority-Hispanic districts.]