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  1. Leila Salim

    He had me going until Climate Change. He mis-spelled “Energy Transition Act” as “Transaction Act” twice, then said it was dubbed “Mini New Green Deal” which… no. No one called it that. If it had a nickname, it was “the PNM bill”
    2) Politicians talk about protecting “coal miners” is such a cliche at this point. Arby’s employs more people than the entire coal industry. Not saying there won’t be job loss, but we have to heavily invest in green energy employment training programs, with free tuition in addition to unemployment pay for all workers affected.

  2. Cristy Holden

    I had a disturbing conversation with Marco Serna before the Convention in March. He believe we have 10 years to turn around the Climate Crisis. He said he was not concerned. He told me he does not believe in a blueprint or conceptual plan such as the Green New Deal. As he is a father of a newborn, I was stunned at his lack of urgency. He tried to “persuade me” he was correct rather than listen to my own knowledge and opinions re Climate Crisis. We need someone who listens, not another mansplaining member of congress. We need women and persons of ethnic origins, closer to the daily reality of New Mexicans, to represent progressive values for our state.

  3. Cheryl Harris

    Marco has a great command of the stats and current woebegone situation. But when he lists all the horrible problems with our health outcomes, it seems to cry for a moonshot like Medicare for All, and not just a few wimpy steps like lets not go backwards with the ACA, and do it a little at a time.
    The situation with cattle is really a tough complicated one. A huge industry, but not only with the problems he points out, but with water contamination, costs of feeding etc. We’ll have to look for major ways to raise beef that are cheaper, cleaner, less damaging to the environment.

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