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  1. Cristy Holden

    Laura might be a fine candidate for the state legislature. I would like to see more in New Mexico experience before she seeks a higher office. In addition, deeply concerned about her personal position on women’s rights to control our own bodies. If she is “personally anti-abortion due to religious reasons” I can not trust her on this issue. We need a 120% democrat with a strong active commitment to individual rights.

  2. Cheryl Harris

    Laura’s background and her ideas are very experiential, developed through her own hand on actions and life. That is great experience, far more than I have. But I am not sure how it might translate into holding a seat in Congress, and bigger ideas (altho freshmen don’t get to do much do they?)
    I really liked her idea of getting un-worked, fallow land from elders into the working hands of younger farmers- maybe a similar idea to land conservation agreements on a smaller scale. We could implement that in NM I think.

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