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  1. Cristy Holden

    Kyle Tisdale would be a great addition to the state legislature to help us shift away from dependency on oil/gas revenues, to protect the lands and waters of New Mexico. I do not see him as ready for Congress.

  2. Cheryl Harris

    Sorry, I meant Kyle, Environmental Atty, and not John. Disregard my error in comment above.

  3. Cheryl Harris

    John definitely has strong qualifications as an environmental engineer, and seems to know not only all the technical solutions, but also seems very sincere in the work he has done face to face with populations in the 4 Corner’s Region. I think he really understands the consequences at the grassroots level.
    He doesn’t have as strong a well rounded background as a couple of the other candidates, but is strongly for Medicare for All and other positions I favor.

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