June 1 was a very dark day. I expect you have all heard that Trump is threatening to send troops in across the country if state and local leaders don’t crack down.

As a former Marine, I can say this is the wrong use of the military. Service members swear to support the Constitution, which has been desecrated since Trump took office. They also swear to obey the president – but that applies only to lawful orders.
Part of me has always been afraid of Trump doing something like putting the military on American streets – or worse. And part of me thought the situation would never get this bad.

I admit that sometimes I feel like my political efforts seem like spitting into the wind. But we must never give up. Besides our standard voting and campaign help, there is more we can do.

If there are any demonstrations in your area, I encourage you to participate. And I wish for everyone’s safety.

I recognize that Adelante is overwhelmingly white and non-Hispanic. While the caucus works to be more inclusive and representative, we need to use our privilege to work for justice for our brothers and sisters. More information on that will be coming.

In solidarity,
Maurreen Skowran
Adelante Progressive Caucus

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