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  1. Fortunately Sanchez is the only one caring about Labor, Labor lifts all people regardless of color or gender. Only one has supported labor from the beginning.

  2. Bernadette Vadurro

    I totally agree with Cristy. NO to Sanchez!

  3. Cristy Holden

    Sanchez is yet another DINO. He is anti-choice personally, and politically. This is NOT Progressive and is also in conflict with the strong Pro-choice positions of the NM Democratic Party Platform passed at the State Convention less than 2 weeks ago. 73% of New Mexicans trust women to make decisions regarding their own health without interference. Joe doesn’t. We need to get rid of all the dems who do not honor the platform while seeking to be endorsed as democrats. NO MORE DINOs.
    Joe is also opposed to any “Death with Dignity” or Compassionate Passage bills, which more than 62% of New Mexicans support.

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