Thanks Neomi for that introduction! That’s Neomi Martinez Parra, our former Vice-Chair, from Lordsburg, Hidalgo County.  And thank you to the Pueblo of Pojoaque for hosting our event tonight.

My name is Jay Levine, I live in Taos, and I am running for DNC Committeeman. I am running for trust, transparency, and representation in the Democratic National Committee.

A little about me.

I show up, and I do the work…. And not just in my home town of Taos, but all over our great state. I have had so many conversations with people from every corner of the state: Gallup, Raton, Silver City, Ruidoso,  Santa Fe, Albuquerque, and Las Cruces. We know each other because we have been discussing the issues with people and integrating their concerns into our party platform.

I’m dedicated to our Democratic Party and I’m dedicated to the work we do.

I am a member of our DPNM State Platform and Resolutions Committee since 2017

I am an SCC member.

I am an active Taos Democrat

I knock on doors

I am a voter registrar

I work to get candidates local and state-wide elected.

(oh and did I mention, I actually knock doors)

I have been a leader in moving us forward to our democratic vision.  As a founding member of Renewable Taos, a citizen’s advocacy group working to get the Enchanted Circle to be 100% renewable, we have increased solar energy in Taos from just 4%…and by the end of this year, our co-op, Kit Carson Electric, should be 40% powered by local solar.

Now — why am I running?

Because the DNC needs people like us to turn out and speak up for people like us.  If you look at the list of members of the Democratic National Committee today…from all over the United States…you will see plenty of paid lobbyists,                  corporate consultants, political consultants, and inside-the-beltway campaign strategists all whose primary job it is to look out for their own special interests.

This is a place to look when wondering why corporate interests are over-represented, while the interests of working people are completely under-represented.

Today is a chance to help swing that balance. Grassroots members of the DNC are what’s necessary to begin to restore trust in the DNC.

The DNC made news these last several months for two big decisions…. The first was to say no to a climate change   focused debate.

I have many problems with this — the biggest being what this says to younger Americans, that the biggest issue of our time, in human history really, doesn’t deserve a debate focused on it. So, are young people to think that the Democratic Party isn’t relevant to them? That’s a huge concern!

The polling at the time showed resoundingly that Americans wanted to see a debate on climate change.

The second decision was when the DNC changed the rules on how presidential candidates can qualify for a debate mid-primary, opening the field to billionaire Michael Bloomberg.  This wasn’t to be more inclusive, or to add diversity in the presidential field.

The thing that compels me to run… that compels me to get involved… is that they did this seemingly behind closed doors and then announced the change, period. … we can’t see what’s going on with decisions, with deliberations, we usually don’t know who voted and how they voted. Even who is on the DNC is somewhat of a secret.

Over the past few weeks, I have spoken with many of you on the phone, at county conventions, and other meetings. Thank you all for the time you gave to discuss your concerns about the DNC and politics! I have enjoyed those discussions and will not just take your vote and walk away.

I pledge to continue showing up for our party, and if elected to the DNC, I will continue to come to county meetings all around our state.  If you vote for me New Mexicans will not just find out about what the DNC is doing after the fact, I will have a website where I talk about what I’m involved with at the DNC, how I have voted, and I will be available by phone and email.

Trust, Transparency, and Representation!

If I have earned your support, I ask that you vote for me today for DNC Committeeman.

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