Adelante Officers Speak Out on Redistricting Reform

Adelante officers Cheryl Harris and Frances Gonzales have been unfailing supporters of redistricting reform. Joe Monahan includes their comments on his statewide political blog.

“It’s time for redistricting to stop being a partisan issue or an incumbent protection program.”
Cheryl Harris

 “HB 211 and SB 199 would reform redistricting for congressional and legislative seats.”
Frances Gonzales

Read their comments at New Mexico Politics with Joe Monahan blog of March 3, 2021.

Redistricting Reform Would Empower Voters

In 2021, New Mexico voters could move closer to picking their legislators, instead of the other way around.

Three leading recommendations (for redistricting reform) would ban the favoring of any party or incumbent, forbid the use of partisan data and require an advisory board to develop a small set of plans for the Legislature to choose from.  

The recommendations also call for accountability and transparency through public engagement.

By Cheryl Harris in the Santa Fe New Mexican.
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