[These minutes were approved by the executive committee on 27 December 2021.]

Adelante Progress Caucus
Executive Committee

Minutes of emergency meeting
8 December 2021

The Executive Committee of the Adelante Progressive Caucus of the Democratic Party of New Mexico convened for an emergency meeting on Zoom from 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm on Wednesday 8 December 2021.



Executive Committee members:

  • Athena Christodoulou (Political Director)
  • Colton Dean (At-Large Officer)
  • Patricia French (Vice-Chair)
  • Cheryl Harris (Chair)
  • Samuel Nevarez (Congressional District 1 Chair)
  • Nicole Olonovich, Administrative Director
  • Michael Sperberg-McQueen (Secretary)

Other caucus members: none.


  • Dimid Hayes (Treasurer)

1 Call to order and quorum check

The chair called the meeting to order at 6 pm and confirmed that a quorum of the executive committee was present.

2 Review of redistricting process in the legislature

CH reported that so far in the Senate the CRC maps for Congressional redistricting have not been introduced; the only Congressional map introduced so far has been SB 1, sponsored by Joseph Cervantes and Georgene Louis. Some allies have urged us to push back against the map, on the grounds that it will endanger progressive majorities in CD-1 and CD-3. Since things appear to be moving quickly, CH called the meeting with less than the statutory seven days' notice, but since seven of eight EC members are present, we do at least have a quorum. She wanted the views of the group on whether we can answer this call from our allies.

She suggested we go around the table with reports and views; we did so.

After further discussion, it was apparent that we had consensus that the process being followed by the Senate was undesirable because it appears to ignore the work of the CRC, which should have been the basis of all further work. There was by contrast no consensus on whether the map itself was objectionable or well done.

On PF's motion, we adopted the following resolution.

RESOLVED: that the Adelante Progressive Caucus shall prepare a letter of censure or criticism addressed to the entire New Mexico legislature (precise distribution to be determined), objecting to their disrespect of the redistricting process and the work products of the Citizen Redistricting Committee, with the letter to held until it can be approved by the caucus membership as a whole, and sent if the membership approves it. Six in favor, one abstention (MSM).

9 Adjournment

The chair called an executive committee meeting for Wednesday 15 December at 2 pm.

9 Adjournment

The meeting adjourned shortly after 7 pm.