Caucus Plans CD1 Endorsement

Adelante plans to endorse in the race to replace Rep. Deb Haaland for Congressional District 1, as she is slated to become the next Secretary of the Interior. 

The caucus plans to reach out to candidates who have registered with the Federal Elections Commission (FEC). Other candidates can express their interest by email to Jay Levine.

The caucus encourages member participation in the process. Members are welcome to invite their preferred candidate to apply for an endorsement. Members also can each suggest up to two items for the endorsement questionnaire. Those items can be submitted either via Facebook or by e-mailing them to Jay Levine.

The tentative endorsement schedule is:

Jan 30 — Questionnaires available for candidates.

Feb. 7 — Questionnaires are due from candidates.

Feb. 10 — Candidate answers are available for members to comment on.

Feb. 15 — Last day for members to comment on candidate questionnaires.

Feb. 18 — Executive committee meets to decide endorsement.

See Endorsement Policy and Procedures for more details.