Cheryl Ann Harris – Chair
Vi Ann Beadle – At-Large Officer
Colton R Dean – At-Large Officer

Candidate Survey

Describe your background in the Democratic Party – offices, caucuses, activities, VRA, events, etc.

Cheryl Ann Harris
I have been active in the Democratic Party since the mid 70’s in Salt Lake City, and then from about 2000 to the present in Albuquerque, after moving back here in 1996.

I have been a Precinct Chair, Ward Chair, County Central and State Central member for several years, and have been both First and Second Vice Chair in Bernalillo County for several terms under Chairs Ana Canales, Bill Peifer, and Flora Lucero.

I currently am a member of the DPNM Budget and Finance Committee, elected to serve from 2019 to 2021. I intend to run again for that committee, as I have unfinished business with the state party on their finance processes, record keeping, goals, and lack of sharing and transparency.

I currently am a founding member of Adelante Progressive Caucus and serve as Treasurer. I also have been active in the Native American Caucus.

I am a VRA, and I currently am one of two Bernalillo County Democrats who serve on the Bernalillo County Clerk’s bi-partisan Board of Registration. (We review and sign off on the County Clerk’s purge lists every two years).

I have worked for many candidates over the years as a volunteer, treasurer, phone banker, walker, and whatever else needed to be done.

I’ve done so many projects, drives, meetings, trainings, etc., that I can’t write about them all here. My heart and soul are pretty well with the Democratic Party, and its platform, especially as we move to reform the party and support progressive programs and outcomes. I support the Bernie Sanders movement.

I ran for APS School Board in 2011, but I was defeated.

Vi Ann Beadle
State Central Committee
State Platform and Resolutions Committee
Deputy Precinct Chairperson, Precinct 106, Dona Ana County

Colton R Dean
I am a Ward Chair for Bernalillo County 19B.
I am a current member of State Central Committee from Bernalillo County 2019 – 2021.
I have canvased for several local Democratic candidates for City and State offices.
I have participated in events with the PDA of Central New Mexico.

Describe any relevant outside experience – jobs, career, skills, education.

Cheryl Ann Harris
I have a BS in Business from Westminster College (Salt Lake City, 1992), and a Masters in Architecture from UNM, 2001.

I was a manager at the “telephone company” from the days of Mountain States Telephone and Telegraph to the USWEST organization (1966 to 1996). As a mid-level manager, I had from 50 to 150 employees reporting to me in three states, and we handled almost all the support functions for the company, like mail, building planning, design, maintenance, print shop, records management, food service, etc. I started in Customer Service in the Business Office as a Service Representative, and have always looked at every job, both paid and volunteer, from the perspective of providing service to a client or fellow volunteer.

I’ve attended many leadership trainings, and I always try to work to support the people doing the actual production work. They are the ones who make it happen. MY job is to remove roadblocks for them, and make them proud of their work, and provide a good working environment.

After receiving my M.Arch.I worked for 6 years in a small local architecture firm, Mullen Heller. I enjoyed the work and people, but realized that mid-life is not a good time to start a career like architecture. And I got deeply involved in Democratic politics.

I also worked two years in a law office, worked as a supervisor for two years in the 2010 Census, was an Uber driver for two years, and was a substitute teacher for APS. All of these diverse jobs have given me a broad range of knowledge, skills, experience with all kinds of people, and appreciation for workers and love of people in general.

Vi Ann Beadle
ABD in Political Science from the University of Chicago

Colton R Dean
I have been working Emergency Medical Services (EMS) in Bernalillo County since 2008, and as a Paramedic since 2011. I think this job has put me in close personal contact with hundreds of people during traumatic times in their lives. I think I have been able to help within my abilities as an EMT/Paramedic without regard for their race, creed, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, or economic background.

List other pertinent political groups, organizations, and activities that you have been a part of.

Cheryl Ann Harris
I served on the City of Albuquerque Library Advisory Board for several years.

I am currently a member of, an international bi-partisan advocacy group which works on issues of hunger, lack of housing, and health outcomes in the USA and world- wide. Primarily we lobby Congress for funding to support NGO’s.

One of my favorite life experiences was the many years I spent in Girl Scouting, both as a scout myself for 6 years, and as a leader, neighborhood service unit director, trainer, and other positions for about 10-12 years in Salt Lake City. I received both the Thanks Badge and the Green Angel Awards from the Utah Council.

I’ve coached girls’ softball and youth bowling classes when my children were younger.

Vi Ann Beadle
Organizer and precinct captain for the Independent Voters of Illinois in the 5th Ward in Chicago IL 1970-1999

Organizer for MoveOn and Local Rep in Las Cruces 2007-2020. We organized many demonstrations here.

Treasurer for Joanne Ferrary, State Rep since 2012

Campaign volunteer for Democratic Party 2008 to the present

Colton R Dean
I am a 14-year member of IATSE Local 480, the film union representing below-the-line film workers in New Mexico, mostly working First Aid as a “Set Medic.”

Describe the values and/or beliefs that lead you to call yourself a “progressive”.

Cheryl Ann Harris
“Progressives” are all about reform, improvement, equal access for all.

I believe we must strive to make the Democratic Party inclusive and transparent. Most people, especially younger voters, look at the party with some wariness, knowing little about how a political party works. We need to be more welcoming and reach out. We need to remove barriers to political involvement, especially racism and costs.

I believe that health care is a right that should be available to all Americans equally, and not depend on who you work for, and what it costs to “buy health insurance.” No one should need health “insurance” but we all deserve health “care.”

We need to remove other barriers that prevent people from full participation in society, like poor education, lack of internet access, job training and job availability shortcomings, etc.

We need to remove systemic barriers to success, such as racism, bad policing, substandard housing, child care costs, to name a few. These barriers also hold back people who could be, and should be, leaders in our society.

I look at the other Progressive periods in our country, the 1920’s, the New Deal Era, the Great Society, and I think we should think big and broadly as we did then. The time is now.

Vi Ann Beadle
I am a pacifist and have been an anti-war protester since 1968. I am a supporter for a state-run healthcare system comparable to the UK NHS. I am an environmentalist and a member of the Sierra Club who canvassed and worked hard to get the OMDP NM. I am a one-worlder. I believe that people should be able to move freely from nation state to nation state to live and earn a living. I believe in reparations to historically suppressed and discriminated groups.

Colton R Dean
I have seen the devastation first-hand brought on by sudden unexpected medical expenses, and how people will choose peace of mind over cost. But that fear of cost can sometimes linger and imposes an unnecessary stress on people’s lives. I am adamant that we need universal healthcare in the United States or at least New Mexico.

I am beyond exhausted with the endless wars. Next year will be 20 years since I graduated High School, not far behind will be the Afghanistan war’s 20-year anniversary. Last I heard we spend $2 billion per month in Afghanistan, and ending homelessness in America would cost approximately $20 – $30 billion per year. Therefore, for about the cost of the useless unsuccessful Afghanistan war we could have had zero homelessness in the United States for the last 20 years. End the wars, house the homeless.

I wasn’t the most academically successful student in High School, and I think it came from a lack of guidance from APS. I certainly never received preparation for college, nonetheless I have achieved both an Associate’s Degree and Bachelor’s Degree. But not without incurring a lot of debt and pursuing lots of dead-ends. With proper guidance I think I could have had a more streamlined education with much less if not zero debt. This has led me to believe that High School needs to better prepare New Mexico’s students for both college and trade skills. Some people come back to school later in life, but run into road blocks because they have full-time jobs and/or families. But many school’s curriculum are inflexible to student’s lives. College and trades must be free-of-charge, if not heavily subsidized, and curriculum must be flexible to student’s individual needs. As more jobs become automated and/or outsourced digitally, more people will be returning to higher education to retrain. We must make sure the resources in lower and higher education exist and politicians are willing to fight for those resources.

What ideas do you have for Adelante? Goals, programs, initiatives, etc.

Cheryl Ann Harris
I would like to see the caucus more involved around the state, working closely with the County Parties to be a resource and advocate for the progressive improvement of our NM communities, large and small.

I would like to see Adelante on sound financial footing, with a dues program that would allow us to carry out lobbying of the legislature and Congress for progressive legislation, as well as support progressive candidates.

I would like to see our influence in the DPNM strong enough that we elect progressive state party leadership, elect a progressive DNC national committee man and committee woman, reform our 4 standing DPNM committees and executive committee to be more open, transparent, accountable, diverse, and younger.

I would like us to influence the state party to create and grow a strong Grassroots fund raising organization, and get big money and corporate donors out of our party hierarchy as much as possible. T he amounts of money spent on elections and influence is sickening.

I would like to see us provide training and lecture series on important progressive issues, working together with the platform committee to keep Democrats informed, educated, and involved.

I would like to see us develop and implement, in partnership with county leaders, a high school civics club/program that would bring new young leaders into the party, encourage their citizen involvement, perhaps even provide a college scholarship (if we can’t get tuition-free public college provided for all New Mexicans.)

We can do this by having a plan to run progressives at the precinct/ward level and county level, get them elected to SCC, and provide training to all Dems, especially on the justice of the progressive platform..

I would like to see us reach out beyond our state borders to progressives in other states, to see how we can work together to reform the DNC, get rid of the electoral college, and work on other national issues of importance to progressive Democrats.

Within Adelante, I would like us to be a more focused, engaged group that communicates well. A regular newsletter, getting everyone on teams, committees, working around the state together, all of these will make us all feel that we are a valued part of a larger cause.

Vi Ann Beadle
There are a lot of progressives in southern NM but we have been largely ignored by the progressives in ABQ and Santa Fe. Meanwhile, the Adelante Caucus is largely ignored down here and I personally have had lots of problems just staying on the mailing list. The caucus need to make alliances with other “non-political” organizations like Cafe, the Borders Servant Corp, and local progressive groups. (I’m not even sure is that is allowed for a caucus).

Colton R Dean
Vet the progressive legitimacy of candidates for office. Compare their records to their campaign promises. Many like to use the word “progressive” but few strive for actual progress, and fewer achieve it. Candidates need not ask for our endorsement, we will evaluate it for ourselves and our members will vote on who receives the endorsement.

Educate the general public on Ranked Choice Voting. Create Ranked Choice Voting demonstrations, by video while the pandemic is going on and in person when the pandemic is over.

If elected, what work are you willing to do for Adelante?

Cheryl Ann Harris
As Chair, I am willing to champion all of these items in the above section, as well as support good ideas from the members.

All these ideas will require people ready to work together in teams to move us forward. After all, we are “Adelante!” thinkers.

Vi Ann Beadle
To be honest, I’m not exactly sure what a caucus does within the context of the Democratic Party.

Colton R Dean
I have a background in video production, video editing and photography. I can assist with building and maintaining of a YouTube channel. I can video events we may have and edit the footage into a video.

I could assist with managing a social media account to help mitigate trolls and bots spreading misinformation.