by Cheryl Harris

One of Adelante’s three goals for this year is to increase our diversity. Most of our members are white people who live in Bernalillo County. This limited representation does not reflect the rich and varied culture of New Mexico. 


Diversity is not just a game of numbers, but rather a need to welcome different voices into our caucus to make sure that we get the best ideas and leadership to help our party move forward. 

We do not have many people of color in Adelante, nor young people. And yet, so many of these folks are strong agents of change, activists, and bright, future leaders. We want them leading our caucus!

Then there’s the matter of geographic diversity. We currently have members in only 18 of New Mexico’s 33 counties, with most of them concentrated in the state’s population centers — Albuquerque, Santa Fe and Las Cruces — while we remain relatively underrepresented in our rural areas. You might argue that there are fewer “progressive Democrats” living in the rural areas. But, if the definition of progressive is Adelante… to move forward, to change the things that need to be changed and get them fixed… then we believe that all New Mexicans are potentially “progressive.”

With our new Diversity and Membership Committee, we will be reaching out to all areas of the state to talk about the party, our progressive platform, the ways Adelante and other caucuses can help move the Democratic Party of New Mexico forward to a new level of transparency and inclusion, and the path forward.

There are several ways you can assist us:
Sign up for the Diversity and Membership Committee.
Offer to host an Adelante committee meeting in your community and/or join us when we’re in your county.
Put us in touch with community groups outside of the party.
Interested? Contact Cheryl Harris at ADELANTE!

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