Adelante Caucus Elections – 2021
Adelante Needs You!
Fall is the Time to Elect Officers

Who we are Electing

In odd-numbered years, Adelante elects the following officers to a 2-year term:

    • Vice-Chair
    • Congressional District 1 Chair
    • Congressional District 2 Chair
    • Congressional District 3 Chair
    • At-Large Officer

Officer Duties

These five positions are voting executive committee positions. A full description of their duties is given in the Caucus bylaws; a quick summary follows.


    • assists the Chair in the Chair’s duties (this includes chairing meetings, supervising caucus affairs generally, speaking for the caucus in public, and handling legal and financial duties)
    • takes over the duties of the Chair in the Chair’s absence
    • takes over the office of Chair if it falls vacant

Congressional District Chairs:

    • serve as liaisons between caucus members in their district and state leadership of the caucus
    • help connect caucus members in their district with other progressive organizations
    • oversee and organize their district’s caucus members in
      • direct action
      • communication
      • outreach
      • education
      • advocacy
    • organize quarterly caucus meetings in their district
    • prepare a narrative of their activities for inclusion in the semi-annual report to DPNM

At-Large Officer:

    • is responsible for assisting the Executive Committee as needed

Caucus-Wide Officers / Congressional District Officers

    • The Vice-Chair and At-Large Officer are elected by the membership at large.
    • The Congressional District Chairs are elected by the caucus members who reside in that congressional district.
    • All officers elected this year serve through October, 2023.

Key Dates

The schedule for the election is as follows:

    • September 3-24: self-nomination of candidates — Self-Nomination Form
    • October 7: deadline for getting your dues paid in order to be eligible to vote in this election
    • October 7: online candidate forum (as part of regular October meeting)
    • October 10-24: online balloting (details will be provided to eligible voters by email or other means)
    • on or before October 31 results announced

Eligibility to Run for Election or Vote in the Election

–Eligibility to Run

A candidate for Adelante Caucus office must be a registered Democrat in New Mexico, and must have been a member of Adelante Progressive Caucus since May 1, 2021.

Eligible caucus members interested in running for office may nominate themselves at Self-Nomination Form.

–Eligibility to Vote

Anyone who is a member in good standing of Adelante Progressive Caucus on September 7 with dues paid by October 7 will be eligible to vote in this election.

So pay your dues!

Details of Election Procedure

The election will be held electronically: voting tokens will be sent to eligible voters by email, and voting will take place by following the link given in the email. 

Election information and personalized links to the ballot will be distributed by email, to the address on file for you in the Caucus membership list. If that information is out of date, you won’t get your ballot. You can update your contact info HERE.

If the caucus has no email address for you, you will be contacted by telephone or postal mail.

All eligible voters have the option of voting by paper ballot instead of electronically. Request a paper ballot by contacting the Election Committee at

In any race with more than two candidates, instant-runoff voting will be used.

If other questions arise, contact the Election Committee.

Bringing the Change You Want!

If you believe
in social, racial, economic, gender, and environmental justice,
If you believe in community equity,
If you believe in ecological care of the Earth and all life,
If you believe in the principles and practices of peace in our state, country, and across the world,
And if you want to make those goals a reality,
Then consider stepping up to serve as an officer of the caucus.

Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time.
We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek.

-Barack Obama