October 1 – October 14

We will be electing four Executive Committee Officers
Chair • Secretary • Treasurer • At-Large Officer 

We will be voting to approve
Revised Bylaws

Voting will commence at noon on October 1st, 2020. Voting will be electronic, via email. Voting will close at noon on October 14, 2020 and the results will be announced as soon as possible afterward.

There will be a membership meeting, Wednesday, September 30, 6:30 p.m., for the purpose of meeting and questioning the candidates, and to discuss the proposed bylaws revisions.

Nominations Open for Adelante Executive Committee

Got ideas for the caucus?
Now is your chance to help make them happen!

Four seats are open this year: 

At-Large Officer

View Candidates and the Candidate Survey.

Bylaws Revision – Proposed

View the Proposed Bylaws Revision.

Overview of Proposed Revisions

  1. Two new positions, Administrative Director and Political Director, will help make a more-equitable distribution of labor, help ensure the caucus achieves more of our goals, and give an officer’s vote to the people taking on this heavy work. 

  2. Our meeting notice period would be cut from 14 days to seven days, to allow the caucus to be more nimble and responsive to events.

  3. The six-month membership requirement will help ensure that candidates are familiar with the caucus before assuming an officer’s position.

  4. The other red-lined changes are to clarify wording, improve sentence structure, and fix the sequence of activities, without changing the meaning or purpose of the bylaw.

Terms and Duties of Officers


The Chair, Secretary, Treasurer and one At-Large Member will serve for two years and be voted upon in even-numbered years. 

Duties of Officers: 

The Chair
shall have general supervision of the affairs of the Caucus. He or she shall serve as the principle spokesperson of the Caucus. The Chair may execute, on behalf of the Caucus, all instruments in writing, which may be required or authorized by the Executive Committee for the proper and necessary transaction of the business of the Caucus.

The Chair shall call and preside over meetings.

The Secretary shall prepare and submit all Reports as necessary under the Rules of the DPNM. The Secretary shall maintain and verify the membership roster. The Secretary shall be responsible for taking and maintaining the minutes and the attendance of the Executive Committee meetings and all general membership meetings. The Secretary will send notifications to the entire membership for meetings of the Executive Committee and of the caucus as a whole, The Secretary shall be responsible for notifying the membership of elections and of conducting all elections. The Secretary can delegate any of these duties to a willing Caucus member as necessary.

The Treasurer shall manage the Caucus finances including managing Caucus assets and debts, preparing the annual budget and getting it approved by the Executive Committee, and preparing quarterly financial statements.

The At-Large Officers shall be responsible for assisting the Executive Committee as needed.

For more details please refer to our bylaws.