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An important opportunity…..

Hey Colleagues,

I wanted to share what could be an extraordinary opportunity for progressives statewide to research and collaborate with experts worldwide through a very interactive online course developed by Next System Project, probably the single most valued resource I know for information on making systems change. They are not just think tank folks, but rather collaborate with activists and practitioners from throughout the world. There will be over 600 such folks involved in this online course. I have negotiated with their leadership to provide NM progressives a private collaborative online space where we can communicate among ourselves to discuss the implications of what we are learning and apply it to NM challenges.  What a great way to put bones on a NM Green New Deal.  Take a look at the information I shared in today’s blog. (more…)

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Where is the Democratic Leadership on Climate Change?

Exxon Mobil, Chevron, Phillips 66, and Marathon Petroleum, the nation’s largest oil refinery company, work behind the scenes of statehouses around the country to roll back car emissions standards. Exxon Mobil and the Koch brothers fund think tanks like the Heartland Institute and other efforts to create doubt on global warming, and they have captured key elements of the Republican Party. In the 2017-18 election cycle alone, the oil and gas industry contributed $82 million to Congressional candidates and  elected officials. 


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