First Revision, Oct. 17, 2020


The name of the organization is the Adelante Progressive Caucus of the Democratic Party of New Mexico (“DPNM”).


The mission of the Adelante Progressive Caucus of the DPNM is to advance the following values:

  • Social, racial, economic, gender, and environmental justice;
  • Ecological care of the Earth and all life;
  • Principles and practices of peace in our state, country, and across the world

We support and shall abide by the rules, goals, beliefs and values of the DPNM, the Democratic Party of the United States, and the Democratic National Committee.


Section A: Requirements

Membership is open to all registered Democrats in the State of New Mexico who embrace the Mission Statement of this Caucus. Dues may be set or adjusted by the Executive Committee pursuant to the voting mechanisms in Article V, herein.

Section B: Confirmation

The Secretary of the Progressive Caucus shall maintain the name, voter registration address, phone number, email address or alternate notification information, and Congressional District of all members, and shall confirm membership interest and eligibility at least every three years.

Section C: Termination

Members can voluntarily resign at any time upon written notification to the Secretary.

Members can be removed for ineligibility of membership as defined by these Bylaws, interference with the achievement of the objectives of the Caucus or malfeasance, by a two-thirds vote of the Executive Committee.


Section A: Listing of the Officers

The Executive Committee of the Adelante Caucus includes the Chair, Vice-Chair, and a Chair from each State Congressional District, Secretary, Treasurer and two At-Large Officers, all of whom will be elected by the membership at large.

There will also be two appointed Executive Committee members, a Political Director, and an Administrative Director. These shall be appointed by the Chair, ratified by a two-thirds vote of the Executive Officers, and report directly to the Executive Committee.

They shall be elected or appointed according to Section B below.

Section B: Terms and Term Limits

The Chair, Secretary, Treasurer and one At-Large Member will serve for two years and be voted upon in even-numbered years.

The Political Director and Administrative Director will also serve for two years, and be appointed in even-numbered years. The number of officers changing in even-numbered years will be six.

The Vice-Chair, Chairs from State Congressional Districts and one At-Large Member will serve for two years and be voted upon in odd-numbered years. The number of officers changing in odd-numbered years will be five.

No member of the Executive Committee shall serve more than three full, consecutive terms in the same position. Then a break of at least one full term away from that position is required.

No member may run for office until they have been an Adelante member for 6 months.

Section C: Succession of Officers

Upon the resignation or termination of the Chair, the Vice-Chair will become Chair and complete the term of the Chair.

Upon the resignation or termination of any other member of the Executive Committee, the Chair may appoint a successor to complete the term of the removed member upon approval by a two-thirds vote of the Executive Committee.

Section D: Removal of Officers

A removal election can be initiated through a petition signed (electronically or otherwise) by half of the members eligible to vote for that officer. The petition must then be presented to the Secretary. An election must be called by the Chair within 30 days. Any officer can be removed upon a two-thirds vote of the members eligible to vote for that officer.

Section E: Duties

The Chair shall have general supervision of the affairs of the Caucus. He or she shall serve as the principal spokesperson of the Caucus. The Chair may execute, on behalf of the Caucus, all instruments in writing, which may be required or authorized by the Executive Committee for the proper and necessary transaction of the business of the Caucus. The Chair shall be a signer on the checking account or other financial instruments.

The Chair shall call and preside over meetings.

The Vice-Chair shall assist the Chair in the Chair’s duties and take over the duties of the Chair in the Chair’s absence.

The Secretary shall prepare and submit all reports as necessary under the Rules of the DPNM. The Secretary shall maintain and verify the membership roster. The Secretary shall be responsible for taking and maintaining the minutes and the attendance of the Executive Committee meetings and all general membership meetings. The Secretary will send notifications to the entire membership for meetings of the Executive Committee and of the caucus as a whole, The Secretary shall be responsible for notifying the membership of elections and of conducting all elections. The Secretary can delegate any of these duties to a Caucus member as necessary.

The Treasurer shall manage the Caucus finances including managing Caucus assets and debts, preparing the annual budget submitting it to the Executive Committee for approval, and preparing quarterly financial statements. The Treasurer is responsible for filing all required New Mexico Secretary of State reports, and any other financial reports as required by law or the state party.

The Congressional District Chairs shall serve as liaisons between Caucus members in their District and State Leadership, and between other progressive organizations of their District and the Adelante Progressive Caucus. They shall have responsibility for overseeing and organizing their District’s Caucus members, including direct action, communication, outreach, education, and advocacy for issues, projects and campaigns promoted by the Caucus. In addition, they shall hold at least quarterly Adelante Progressive Caucus meetings in their District and prepare a narrative of their activities for inclusion in the semi- annual report required by the DPNM Rule on State-Level Democratic Caucuses and Affiliated Organizations.

The At-Large Officers shall be responsible for assisting the Executive Committee as needed. It is recommended that the two At-Large officers be elected from areas of the state where we are deficient in representation on the Executive Committee.

The Political Director shall oversee certain Caucus activities such as endorsements, lobbying, party affairs, voter registration, and other activities delegated by the Chair or the Executive Committee.

The Administrative Director shall oversee organizational matters of the Caucus not already assigned to another officer, such as communications, events, and volunteers.


Section A: Membership Meetings

The Caucus shall hold at least two membership meetings per year. The Chair will call the meetings. The Secretary shall notify all members of membership meetings by email with notice of at least ten business days. For members who do not have email addresses, the Secretary shall provide alternate notification by the method the member identified when s/he joined the caucus. Members can call a membership meeting with a petition by two-thirds of the membership. The petition may be circulated electronically. Meetings may be conducted in person, telephonically or electronically.

Section B: Executive Committee Meetings

The Chair will initiate meetings of the Executive Committee, which shall be at least four times a year. The Secretary will notify all officers of Executive Committee meetings by email with notice of at least 7 calendar days and will apprise all membership of the meetings through the website or other electronic means with notice of at least seven calendar days. Officers other than the Chair can call an Executive Committee meeting with a vote of one-third of the Executive Committee. Meetings may be conducted in person, telephonically or electronically. Executive Committee meetings shall be open to all Caucus members, except when discussing personnel or legal matters.

Section C: Voting

The full membership is entitled to vote for Officers. Officers shall be elected by a majority of votes cast, with voting in September or October of each year. The full membership is entitled to vote to amend these Bylaws. Amending the Bylaws shall be by two-thirds of votes cast. Congressional District Chairs shall be elected only by members from their District.

Voting by the full membership does not require a quorum or a meeting and may be conducted electronically. Electronic elections by the full membership shall be held open for 14 calendar days. Voting eligibility is restricted to members who have held membership for at least 30 days.

Section D: Executive Committee Quorum

Quorum of the Executive Committee shall consist of a majority of Committee members.

Approved by the Adelante Progressive Caucus Working Group
April 9, 2018

First Revised Bylaws approved by Adelante Progressive Caucus membership
Oct. 17, 2020

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