1. The candidate personally applies for an endorsement by filling out an application on our website.
  • Application includes a yes/no statement, “do you support the DPNM Platform?
  1. in its entirety,
  2. in its entirety with the following exceptions (lines below) ,
  3. just the core values,
  4. I do not support the DPNM Platform.
  • Application includes a text entry, “Please list activities, organizations, and your specific role toward empowering and improving people’s lives.
  • What do you believe are the most pressing and controversial issues of our time and do you believe there is a time or a reason for compromise on those?
  • Do you believe the status quo is sustainable and how would you represent Progressives to fight back against powerful and wealthy special interests who stand to benefit from the status quo?
  1. Candidate Viability
  • How many volunteers and supporters do you have?
  • What is your campaign strategy and how do you plan to pay for it?  Please be specific. (quarterly fundraising goals, marketing tactics, field strategy, doors/week etc.)
  • What restrictions on the type and size of contributions do you voluntarily impose upon your campaign?
  1. The APC executive team votes to endorse
  • Motion/Vote must occur at a public meeting
  • Time for public comment will be made available to the caucus membership in attendance during the meeting/zoom.
  • For local races, the candidate must fill out their own endorsement application
  • For National races, a caucus member may compile and cite credible sources to complete the application.
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