Adelante Progressive Caucus
Policies on Sharing Adelante Information

Member to Member Communication

A member of the Caucus can distribute information to the rest of the Caucus membership under the following conditions:

  1. Only a caucus member can have material distributed to either the whole membership or members within any Congressional district.

  2. The Material must be caucus business.

  3. The Material must not be defamatory.

  4. The member(s) who wants material e-mailed out will send the material to the chair of the communications committee.

  5. The communications committee will send only periodic e-mails and not allow those making requests for material to be sent to dictate timing.

Approved September 29, 2018


Sharing Adelante Financial Information

Adelante financial Information will not be posted on any public site except as required by law. All requests for Adelante financial information shall be forwarded to the Treasurer who will refer the requester to publicly-available information. Non publicly-available financial information will be shared only upon request, only to an Adelante member, and only upon written verification by the requesting Adelante member that the list is to be used exclusively for Adelante business.

Approved on August 28, 2018


Sharing Adelante Executive Committee Minutes and Policies

Adelante Executive Committee minutes and Adelante policies will be posted on the web site.

Approved on October 2, 2018

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