I hope everyone has truly taken a couple days to rest and bask in hope and inspiration.  I hope we not just reflect on what worked well and not-so-well in elections but document those ideas and make sure they are ready to use next year.  I think we should never lose sight of the fact that this election season started 2 YEARS AGO.  And the work to complete the job of taking our country back starts TODAY.  

Democratic voters have historically been great at defense and tended to forget all about offense.  Well now WE got the ball, but we we don’t score any points until solutions that help people’s lives are signed into law, funded, enacted, and sustained!  We have never had such a specified policy centered platform, not just of what we despise, but what we stand for, policies we need, and most of all, a new awareness that we are not in isolation.  We all agree!  We are unified!  We are organized!  And most of all, we finally recognize that all the issues are connected.  Your fight is my fight is one fight for the principles of equality, equity, and sustainability.  I see you.

We have work to do starting on our zoom call Tuesday and at our general meeting on November 27.  For meeting information email secretary@adelantecaucus.org:

Legislation.  Over the next couple months bills are being finalized and will be submitted. There are so many bills that the limiting factor is priority.  They just cannot completely process all of the bills in a 90 day session.  We have to organize and let the legislature know what our priorities are.  Adelante Caucus leadership will be working with our legislative action sub-committee, external groups, and government sources to pull together information on what bills are out there and what they do and do not cover.  Legislators have good intentions but are not perfect.  Will the bills perform as intended or backfire?  They will certainly hear how the bills will affect big business, but how do they affect you?  How do they affect communities of color, rural people, the disenfranchised, and resilient financially limited people?  If these bill exclude people or harm people, now is the time to tweak the language.  We really need representation from all of you in this process to make sure that our priority list includes everyone. 

We know that bodies showing up in Santa Fe do effect what gets passed but it’s hard to show up on last minute notice when you don’t ever know when your issue will be going to the floor.  But there are literally hundreds of us!  If we can come to an agreement that your struggle is my struggle is our struggle, there are enough people to show up in mass on any given day for all our priorities.  In this way, we can get around the barriers that prevent us from showing up on a work/school day.  Maybe I can help show up on your bill because I can take a couple hours off work today, and you can show up on my bill because you can take a couple hours off tomorrow.   What if this session we let them see our faces, our numbers, and our unity.

Thank you for all your work in this incredible election and for your diligence going forward.

Please reply to get involved.

Jeremy Sment, Adelante Progressive Caucus – CD1 Chair

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